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A. Zeng Aluminum Framed Glass

We finally introduce the artwork of one of the most prolific EAD Coop artist Alex Zeng taking his best selling genuine collage imagery and recreating it with one of our most popular mediums by reverse printing on glass and framing with a minimal black anodized aluminum frame. By changing the background to white we have created a completely updated presentation. As Alex has taken his love of art collage and with the help of skills honed at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Art has reinvented the category. Individually cut imagery from magazines and art books are shaped and layered to create a treasure hunt of details to the viewer’s eye. The longer you look the more you see. Is the eye of that puppy really a photograph of a camera lens that takes on a new focus? The closer you look on the surface the more you experience the details that tell the story. Framed in a black anodized aluminum metal frame,  each piece is enhanced by Alex's signature.

A.Zeng Dimensional Art Collage

Alex Zeng has taken his love of art collage and with the help of skills honed at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Art has reinvented the category. Individually cut imagery from magazines and art books are shaped and layered to create a treasure hunt of details to the viewer’s eye. The longer you look the more you see. Is the eye of that puppy really a photograph of a camera lens that takes on a new focus? The closer you look on the surface the more you experience the details that tell the story. Framed in a black wooden finish  and protected by a glass lens each piece is enhanced by Alex's signature.

Anodized Aluminum Framed Glass

Empire Art Direct pioneered the development of tempered art glass panels four years ago and continues to expand on new generations utilizing this amazing digital technology married to our exclusive EAD Coop designs and licenses.  Our newest iteration is now created by encasing our reverse printed glass with a strong aluminum frame with a minimalist profile made in brushed gold, silver, and black formats. The frame creates an aesthetic transition while still protecting and beautifying the central design of the artwork.

Arte De Legno

The Arte de Legno line of high definition U.V. printed giclee on solid fir wood planks is our most recent example of the beautiful synergies between state of the art technology and nature's elements. We hand select solid fir and select the best representations of fir planks that exemplify all of the finest characteristics of this sustainable natural wood. Then they are printed on either versions of whitewashed or the natural unpainted fir. The EAD Artist Coop provides the varied imagery that we select for this specific medium of alternative wall art from fine photography to grunge. Your customers will scream for joy having found a most unusual and unique example of art designed specifically for eclectic home environments.

Arte De Metallo

Art has always been about exploration and the pushing of boundaries. Sometimes, the medium itself has to change, breaking away from the traditional canvas and experimenting with new ideas. This can even mean resurrecting old ideas, such as sculpture, re-presented in a way that’s perfect for the home. Arte De Metallo pieces are part wall art, part metal sculpture. Each one is comprised of a complex framework of metal shapes with the framework itself comprising much of the image and contributing to the complexity of the piece. Metals lend themselves surprisingly well to artwork, as they can be shaped, moulded and bent in many ways, modelled as wire or as solid blocks, then painted or embellished. These works enjoy a special texture thanks to the way they are raised and extruded from the wall, adding an almost tactile layer to the enjoyment of observing them. The metallic nature of these items also allows for interesting visual qualities, such as shining surfaces

Arte Rotunda

Empire Art Direct is proud to feature circular canvases in printed and hand-painted mediums as well as reverse printed art glass in today's most compelling designs available from our EAD Coop consisting of hundreds of artists that are creating in every imaginable genre. Circular artwork played a critical role in art and architecture since before the golden age of the renaissance in the 14th century. It was then known as "tondo" art which was derived by the Italian word "rotondo" which is translated to "round" in english. Today circular art is making a huge comeback and EAD is leading the charge with Arte Rotunda being made using our proprietary designs and mediums.

B & W Pet Portraits by Jody

Black and White Pet Portraits represent the latest from prolific EAD Coop artist Jodi. It exemplifies her range and talent for recognizing and executing the finest in fashion forward artwork. Her talent for knowing what the buying universe wants is only outdone by her talents as a prolific working artist. We collaborate with Jodi to produce this exclusive range with reverse printed glass that is framed with a high quality gunmetal finished anodized aluminum frame which enhances the art without overpowering it and connecting with this minimalist presentation. Enjoy this range of 33 new images by finding your dog or cat favorites as the category of pet art is hotter than ever.

Bold Neutrals by Martin

Martin Edwards loves the texture and feel of paint and the sensuous beauty of color and tries to make the most of these two elements in his original works of art. There is an excitement about painting with such extreme texture. This style shouts movement and mood as it moves across the canvas and the color only serves to intensify the emotion displayed. This new series titled Bold Neutrals plays with subtle variations in technique and color combinations. Bold Neutrals is the epitome of this devotion to newness and synergy between heavily textured neutrals and metallic paints.

Empire Art Mirrors

The Empire Art Direct collection of contemporary mirrors are designed with a modern panache that represents the true personification of current and future trends in the fashion of home furnishings. The world of contemporary design often relies on accented walls to tie in a complete and synergistic look. Our designers pride themselves on utilizing very curious and alternative textures as well as clean lines that act to transform your environs with what always becomes an interesting conversation piece, while maintaining the simplicity that is contemporary style. Shagreen in metallic textures are emblematic of this stylistic presentation. The Tempered Art Glass Beveled Mirrors Collection continued the tradition of unique and exclusive designs and mediums introduced by our trendsetting design team.

Exotic Leather Occasional

This eclectic collection of tables and pedestals are covered in on trend faux exotic animal skins including silver, gold and colors of shagreen (stingray skin), snakeskin and ostrich. Perfectly scaled accents are supremely useful and create surprising pockets of fashion in your room. Most are meticulously welded and ground making for smooth professional joinery. Metal surfaces are all solid stainless steel and polished to a lustrous sheen. Look at these gems and decide which ones you cannot live without.

Fashionista by Jodi

Art and fashion are so closely intertwined, it can be hard to tell them apart, or even have one without the other. The Fashionista range by Jodi epitomises this connection, playing on the edgy, eccentric side of fashion that blends so well with unusual and bold artwork. Both dare the viewer somewhat, from the striking red shoes of Boss Lady to the defiant gesture of Love and Skulls. These artworks are passionate, trendy and direct, yet retain the depth and room for exploration seen in traditional art. Silver canvases, gold colours and chic watercolours are used to great effect, creating a contemporary but playful set of works. These items are as carefully curated as the wardrobes of the rich and famous, yet appearing casual and fun, ideal for a home or gallery space that’s young at heart. Anyone who enjoys a hot coffee on the way to work, a sparkling new set of shoes, the style of the latest perfume bottle or the challenging but rewarding crush of the metropolitan rat-race will love this tongue-in-cheek representation of that world.

Frassino De Arte Legno

Empire Art Direct is extremely excited about the Frassino De Arte Legno collection. Hand pickled genuine ash veneer is printed via an ultra-high definition UV giclee process and then assembled into a 1.5” thick wooden box art structure. This unusual medium has the character to work well with any genre of art. Contemporary painting, photography, and traditional artwork are  represented here so go wild. This presentation is sure to embolden any environment with its exceptionally unique presentation.

Glitteria Art Collection

At Empire Art Direct, printing high resolution giclee is nothing new. However, for this collection, we spice things up a bit. EAD takes a high-resolution gallery wrapped giclee and print it on glittered canvas. The high resolution giclee on glitter canvas is then stretched onto a 1.5” thick wooden frame and coated with an epoxy finish, which allows for a sleek and glass-like appearance. These pieces come pre-installed with a singular saw-tooth hanger which makes it simple to display on any wall.

Opportunity Buys

Take advantage of these works of art at a discounted rate. Act fast, they won’t be here for long!

Pets Rock™Gifts ™

We have chosen a select group of Pets Rock™ characters and created special gift collections of insanely cute tempered square glass coasters, adorable fridge magnets and clocks that make you smile whenever you check the time. The Pop Culture World of Pets Rock™– Where Pets meet Celebrity. Award winning brand Pets Rock™ is a striking play on our passion for pets and the cult of celebrity. The Pets Rock™ phenomenon has spread from it’s London base to leading stores around the world, who’s customers are barking mad for our furry friends. Pets Rock™ is taking its name literally as its unique humor and style is rocking it’s way around the globe. With more than 60 characters in the Pets Rock™ world and many more waiting to be let off the leash you’re never far from one of our pop culture pets! “These are real pets, not real celebrities. The well-known individuals have not had any involvement in the creation of the images and they have not approved them, nor has their approval been sought for the publication of these images.”

Primo Mixed Media Sculpture

Artist Primo is proud to  present his three dimensional iron and wood mixed media wall sculpture collection. This new collection represents the culmination of Primo's dream to take his original artwork and make them available to all that love his concepts in a way that is affordable to all.   These individual unique originals are hand painted and signed works of art that are renown for Primo's  skills of manipulating iron into a textured work of art with extraordinary depth and skill. This industrial style of mixed media can also be presented outdoors as long as it is varnished every year, as it will take on a patina characteristic that is inherent in its presentation.

Silver Leaf Vetro De Arte

Empire Art's Vetro de Arte tempered art glass panels continue to lead the way as our most popular category. Now we bring you a new collection and new generation of reverse printed, frameless, free floating tempered art glass. This time we’ve added silver leaf squares in the background and one by one these 4" silver leaf squares are attached by hand behind the artwork. The detail and elegance of this piece is enhanced while the quality of the piece is upgraded as as it looks like a piece of jewelry for the wall. A strong steel hanger is attached to the back of the mirror for quick and easy installation. You need to see this to believe it.

Underwater Dogs Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel is an award-winning photographer and the New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs, Underwater Puppies, Underwater Babies, Pounce and five children's books. In February of 2012, Seth's series of photos showcasing dogs diving into swimming pools became an Internet sensation overnight, reaching over 100 million people in less than 24 hours. This sudden attention resulted in a book deal with Little, Brown and Company. Now with over half a million copies in print around the world, Underwater Dogs is one of the best selling photography books of all-time. Now everyone can enjoy Seth's artwork reverse printed on tempered glass panels that are the perfect medium to showcase his adorable, laugh-inducing photos of dogs floating in a state of suspended animation.

Vetro De Arte Tempered Glass

Our new line of reverse printed tempered glass was inspired by the French technique of Verre Eglomise in which artist's literally painted the back of clear glass so that when viewed from the front brought the painting to life under the depth of the glass. Dimension and color enhancement are achieved by glass like no other medium and we are utilizing state of the art technology to translate this historical form of art so it is both affordable and fabulous when displayed frame-less with a simple hidden hanging system that floats the glass only on the wall. Gallery art and hyper realistic photography make this a must have medium for all.

X-Ray Photography- A. Koetsier

Albert Koetsier was born in the Netherlands and became "fascinated with the concept of photography" at age eight. He "shortly thereafter built his first homemade camera" with "an old matchbox with a pair of magnifying glasses, one on the side facing out and another attached on the inside."Prior to starting his own photography business, Koetsier earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Netherlands' primary technical university. At the same time, he also earned a "side degree" in X-Ray Engineering through a program administered by Philips medical systems, where he worked as an x-ray specialist. He served two years in the military as an officer and while he was in on a service trip, he found himself in "the town where Roentgen discovered x-rays." It was there that he found photographs of everyday objects created with x-rays and told himself that "someday [he] would do this."By 1979, Koetsier and his family moved to California, "where he had more free time to devote to photography." By the early 1980s he was able to purchase an x-ray machine at a price he could afford at the time. "It was in 1991 that he first developed an x-ray and considered the resulting image art-worthy." He then spent time perfecting and pioneering the art of x-ray photography which led to the brilliant library of imagery now available through the EAD Coop on reverse printed tempered glass panels.